Which social media is best for brand awareness?

Want to get more eyes on your brand? Boost visibility with the right social media for your busineess!

Which social media is best for brand awareness?

Which social media is best for brand awareness?

Dying for some attention? We get it. Your brand needs eyes on it to succeed. Social media has become a key player in the business world, and smart brands are leveraging this tool to increase their branding and marketing efforts. 

Social media platforms possess different capabilities and benefits. If you want more brand visibility, you need to understand how to social media works and what each platform offers. Some platforms are great for showing off products, while others engage customers. When it comes to brand awareness, which social media platform is best? Let’s jump in and explore top social media platforms that support your business goals and objectives.

Best social media for business

Here’s our hot list for the best social media platforms for your business! We’ll dive into each social media option and give you the down and dirty details so you can make an informed decision. Depending on your product, service, and business goals, a specific platform may work better than others. You can use multiple platforms, but it’s important to be intentional about where your business shows up and customize unique content for each platform.

Top social media platforms for brand awareness:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • X (formerly Twitter)
  • LinkedIn
  • TikTok
  • Pinterest

Meta Business

Meta includes Facebook and Instagram. Because they’re both owned by Meta, the two platforms are designed to be integrated. You can link your social media accounts and use the Meta business suite to manage all your social media marketing efforts through the Meta Business Suite. The business suite allows you to set your objectives to 'increase brand awareness', schedule posts, run ads, monitor your social media business account insights, etc. The beauty of the Meta Business Suite is that you can do it all in one place. It offers tools and resources to help your business grow and achieve your business’ specific goals.


Benefits of Facebook include wide reach, targeted advertising, and community building. Facebook has over 3 billion active users on a monthly basis. Now, that's a lot of people! That means your business has the potential to reach a large amount of people, which is great for increasing brand awareness! 

Targeted advertising means you can reach your ideal audience. Facebook offers detailed settings and filters so you can speak directly to your target audience. It’s important to understand who that is by researching your target audience demographics and psychographics (hobbies, interests, values). You can create multiple audiences and test out your ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook is known for having a strong community element. As a business, it’s wise to build a community and engage people through conversations, events, and live videos. Your business should be a VIP party that everyone wants in on! 


Instagram has blossomed over the years and is now a great sidekick for businesses. Brands love it for aesthetics, engagement, and influencer marketing. What once started out as casual social posts, has now become a highly curated visual experience. If your brand has pretty, cool products or services, Instagram will be your best friend!

Speaking of besties, get lots of engagement with this social media platform. With a killer instagram strategy, you can get high engagement rates and build your tribe. Instagram can be very interactive with options for your audience to like, comment, share, participate in polls, and more. 

Partner with influencers to grow your social media brand awareness. Instagram is swimming with micro influencers, macro influencers, and everything in between. Collaborate with influencers with engaged audiences that align with your brand. Expand your reach and grow your audience with effective influencer partnerships.


X, formerly known as Twitter, shouldn’t be left out of the marketing toolbox. Twitter is great for real-time interactions (think customer service), live events, and freshly trending topics. Because of the 280 character limit, posts are short and sweet. That means you can pack a punch with your brand messaging. Did we mention the virality element? This platform has the potential to make your content viral faster than you can say “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”. When a brand’s content reaches the masses, brand awareness can skyrocket.


LinkedIn is the king of professional content for social media. Marketing professionals use this platform for B2B marketing and networking. Become a trusted authority in your industry by creating thought-provoking content, highlighting trends, and sharing insights and news. You know that friend in your life that everyone goes to for house plant advice? Your brand could be the go-to in your industry if you play your cards right with LinkedIn. 

Remember how we mentioned detailed ad targeting with Meta? Well, Linkedin is another top social media option for businesses when it comes to robust ads. Raise brand awareness by pushing out high-performing content via ads. Pay to play, and grow your brand awareness at a quicker rate. It’s like getting the FastPass at Disney (fun fact: Disney changed the FastPass to Genie+ and Lightning Lanes).  


When people got tired of chasing Instagram’s algorithm, another genie of sorts appeared. TikTok’s algorithm was made for virality. This social media platform makes it easy for businesses and users to reach social media stardom. You can reach a younger audience, making it an amazing option for brands targeting Gen Z and millennials. 

It’s worth noting that TikTok has faced potential bans in the U.S. and continues to have an insecure future. It can still be beneficial for short-term brand awareness, but be sure to direct people to another platform, preferably owned (such as your website or email list), where they can access your brand. 

It’s important to remember that you can’t control any platform owned by someone else. Diversify your marketing efforts. We’ve talked about that multiple times and even wrote a whole blog post dedicated to it: Don’t Put All Your Marketing Eggs In One Basket


Did someone say “Pin it”? Pinterest acts as a highly visual search engine. People show up to Pinterest looking for inspiration and ready to buy. Think of products and services such as homegoods, clothing, digital content, travel services, graphic design, and more. You can write blogs, create freebies, and post beautiful lifestyle and product visuals.

Unlike Instagram and X, Pinterest has a much longer shelf life. Content actually gains traction over time, meaning you can increase brand awareness from a pin weeks and even months after posting. 

Pinterest makes it easy to sell your products on the platform. Users can buy your products directly from the platform. Once people see your brand, you want to make buying from you as easy as possible.

3 tips to help you pick the right platform for your brand 

  1. Know your people. Where does your audience hang out and what type of content do they like?
  2. What are your goals? Write down your goals so you can determine what platform caters to your objectives. Don’t work against the current, let social media work for you. 
  3. Experiment! Try out multiple platforms to see what works and what doesn’t. Try out different types of content on each platform, switch up the timing, and keep testing your strategy. Use insights from your social media business accounts to guide your marketing efforts. To put it simply, do more of what’s working and less of what’s not.

If you’re stoked to grow brand awareness for your business but want a little support, Always Fresh has your back. We offer social media audits, and our team of social media gurus can help you with anything from social media management to content creation, social media strategy for business, and more. Let’s connect and see how we can help!

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