Frequently asked questions.

We’re here to answer your questions about WaaS, pay monthly websites, agency services, Webflow, white labeling, and more. Always Fresh understands the importance of making an informed decision.


General FAQs


What type of projects do you work on?

We offer Strategy, Web Design, Web Development and Marketing for new and existing websites. Our speciality is Webflow websites, so the only limitation is that we only build and work on websites built in Webflow.

What budgets do you work with?

Everything we offer is unique and hand crafted; we don’t use templates or ‘out of the box’ solutions. While we don’t have a minimum budget, smaller projects tend to start around $10,000. All prices are fixed and agreed upfront for peace of mind.

How long do projects take?

It really depends on the size of the website, the scope of the project and the number of services you’re wanting to use. Typical projects following our Stage 1 and Stage 2 process usually take around 6-12 weeks.

How long before a project gets started?

We look at all Get Started submissions within 24 hours of them landing in our inbox. We then get in touch with you a day or two later. Typically after proposals are signed off, projects get started 1-2 weeks after the initial inquiry.

What sort of industries do you specialize in?

We have clients in a wide range of industries and we tend to consider if a client would be a good fit rather than the industry they’re in. Most of our clients tend to be startups with investment, E-commerce brands, tech or serviced based companies.

Agency Services FAQs


Do you use templates?

Eww, no! We believe every business is unique and therefore deserves a unique website. Everything we design is crafted by our in-house designers to meet the needs of your projects and to get you the best outcome.

Do you outsource your services?

Never. All of our projects are performed by our in-house, full-time employees. 95% of our team is based in the US, the other 5% are in Europe. We never outsource our work to anyone else.

Does Always Fresh offer maintenance plans or on-going support?

Absolutely! We have a multi-skilled team meaning we can offer as much or as little post-launch support as you need. From Webflow maintenance to complete Marketing Retainers covering SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media and Email, we can tailor a retainer to suit your individual needs.

Why do you work in Stage 1 and Stage 2?

We find splitting a project into Stage 1 (Discovery, Strategy and Design) and Stage 2 (Development & Support) is the most efficient way to work. Once we have completed Stage 1, this gives us a better understanding of what Stage 2 will require, resulting in quicker and therefore cheaper development.

What is the team behind Always Fresh like?

We are a multi-disciplinary team with a wealth of experience working with some of the world’s biggest brands. Each team member is exceptionally talented in their speciality and have extensive experience. We’re like the A-Team but for websites - I pity the fool who uses templates! See…

WaaS (Website as a Service) FAQs


In simple terms, how does this work?

Instead of paying a lump sum upfront for a new website, you’re spreading the cost over 2 years for a fixed monthly fee. That fee covers Discovery, Design and Development. At the end of the 2 years if you want to stick with us, we’ll update your website for free. Pretty sweet deal, right?

How are you able to offer websites at a per month cost?

Think of this service as a scaled down version of our usual services. You still get the same talented internal team, but everything is a little lighter. The websites are still custom designed and built, but tend to be much smaller. Think of Websites as a Service as Diet Dr Pepper; still great just lighter.

Are these websites built on templates?

Nope! Just like our full-fat agency services, every single one of our Website as a Service websites are 100% custom designed and built to order based on your own unique requirements.

What do I get for my $298 a month?

An initial Deep Discovery Call. An initial UI/UX prototype exploring the general design direction. A custom built website in Webflow. A full pre-launch SEO sweep. Training. 2 hours every month to use our team however you like. Bargain!

What if I want to cancel before the end of my contract?

If you cancel before your 2 years are up, you will have to pay the remaining months in a lump sum. You will not have access to your website and you will forfeit any on-going services.

Why can’t I pay for a few months then take the site?

We’re effectively taking on all the risk upfront by building a website for free and recovering the costs over 2 years. When you sign up to a Website as a Service, you’re signing up for a 2 year contract. This is so we can be fully paid for the work we do :)

Can I add extra services?

Absolutely! Want something way more custom? Sure! Want even more pages? Great! Want an on-going Marketing Retainer? We gotchu boo. $298 a month is for the minimum, you can add as much as you want - There is no maximum!

Webflow FAQs


What is Webflow?

Webflow is a truly awesome platform that allows Designers and Developers to build websites much faster than ever before. Webflow is NOT a drag and drop website builder like Wix (eww) but it means you can get a custom website for much cheaper than if it were to be developed on WordPress.

Do you offer WordPress?

We don’t… But our sister agency does! If you’re looking for WordPress specific services, head over to Never Settle who are also award-winning and overlap with a lot of our team.

What can Webflow do?

Almost anything (almost!). It’s still quite a new platform but new features are being added all the time. E-commerce, animation, responsiveness, CMS, galleries and so much more are all totally possible!

What can’t Webflow do?

Webflow isn’t quite as custom as WordPress (yet!). There is no ‘drag and drop’ page builder. E-commerce generally requires Stripe and there’s a few more things we can go into detail over a call. But the gap between Webflow and WordPress is getting smaller!

I’m on a different platform, can you help me migrate to Webflow?

Absolutely! We’ve not come across a platform we’ve not been able to help migrate away from yet and we’re super familiar with all the big ones including WordPress, SquareSpace and Wix (eww).

White Labelling FAQs


How does White Labelling with Alway Fresh work?

You give us a brief, we do all the hard work, you pay us then sell on our services to your client at whatever mark up you like.

Who manages the client?

You do. We don’t ever interface with the client as this can be where things get a little confusing. If you don’t want to manage your client, see the next question.

What if I don’t want to manage the client?

The best way to handle this is to refer them to us instead. This means we own the client and will work with them directly but in return we’ll pay you 10% of whatever they spend with us. So simply by passing a lead you couldn’t work with to us, you could get paid thousands just for sending an email!

How much does White Labelling cost?

For one-off projects our standard pricing applies as we still need to carry out the same amount of work. But remember there’s no cap and unlimited potential!

Do I get discounts if we form a partnership?

For sure! If you start giving us projects regularly, we’ll happily reduce the price you pay so you can increase your margins further.

Who’s account does the Webflow project stay in?

This depends on the type of project. If it’s a one-off custom project then we can migrate the finished project to any Webflow Account you like. If it’s a Website as a Service, we always keep these in our Webflow Account.

Referral Scheme FAQs


In simple terms, how does your referral scheme work?

You have a lead that could be a good fit for Always Fresh. You introduce your lead to us, and if they then move forward with a project, we’ll pay you 10% of whatever they spend with us.

Is there a cap to the amount I can make?

Nooope. Literally the more your lead spends with us, the more you make. The more leads you send our way, the more you make. More is more.

At what point do I get paid?

Once the lead has paid for the project in full (usually upon project completion) we’ll pay you your 10%.

Who is the referral scheme for?

Anyone! We have existing clients who refer people they know to us, other agencies that refer work they can’t take on to us, even friends of friends who know someone who knows someone who needs a website.

How do I get started?

Get in touch with us to either introduce yourself or a lead you have for us, we’ll then be in touch a day or two later.

Why Always Fresh?

Webflow Certified
When you’re passionate about something, you learn everything you can about it, right? That’s why we got certified.
We’re proud of our team. We work incredibly hard and join together, earning awards for Webflow projects.
5 Star Reviews
Have you heard what people are saying about us? They’re pretty keen on our work. We’re excited to work with you next!
Based in the USA
Made right here in the United States, and we use only our in-house team to provide you with the absolute best!
100% Hand Crafted
What makes a business stand out online? One big factor is having a unique website. We custom design every site we work on.
Highly Qualified
Our team at Always Fresh is made up of experts. We’re picky about who we hire to ensure that our services are exemplary.

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