Know a Woman In Business? We'll give them 1 Hour Free Consultation

To celebrate International Women's Day, we're giving women in business a 1 hour free consultation on a topic of their choice.

Know a Woman In Business? We'll give them 1 Hour Free Consultation

Celebrating women in business

Happy International Women's Day to all the fabulous women out there in internet land and beyond!

As a women-led agency, we're always keen to highlight the wonderful women that blow us away when it comes to business.

From the founders of new businesses to the ones that run the day-to-day, no matter how big or niche their role, we celebrate and highlight women everywhere.

Wait, what is International Women's Day?

Alright, let us get you up to speed. International Women's Day is celebrated every year on March 8th as a day to highlight all of the incredible women in the world and the work they do.

In our world in particular (business), we like to celebrate all the fantastic females that found, run, or lead a business.

It's one day out of 365 each year where we get to really appreciate these people that go above and beyond the old-school traditional sense of business to make a big impact.

Why this resonates

International Women's Day is a big deal for us at Always Fresh since we are indeed a women-led agency.

75% of the Always Fresh team are women and we've proven we've gotten what it takes by winning numerous awards.

Even in the 21st century, a women-led agency is still a rare thing. Whenever we bring it up casually in on-boarding conversations, the reaction we usually get is 'wow, really?'

Things are improving though as we are proving, with more and more women founding and leading businesses, a bit like ours. The hope is that one day no one will bat an eye when they discover a business is built or led by women, because it will simply be the norm.

Celebrate someone you know

To celebrate International Women's Day, we're giving women in business Free Consultation!

No strings attached, no sales pitch - In order to help raise other women up, we want to share our knowledge on all things Marketing, Strategy, Design, and Branding.

If you know a woman in business (or indeed if YOU are a woman in business), send them our way, and we'll set them up for success.

The format is a 1 hour phone call with one of our experts on a topic of their choosing. And like we said, it's 100% free, and we're not going to try and sell our services!

I know someone I want to refer!

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