Meet the Brilliance Behind the Brand

A peek at who's behind the keyboard. Always Fresh is much more than a web agency. We're a collective team of guru's, working together to serve our clients with the best Webflow services out there.

Meet the Brilliance Behind the Brand

Meet the Brilliance Behind the Brand

We’re not just a boring old Webflow Agency. Behind every email, SEO audit, and website design, a member of our team has been pouring their heart and soul into the craft. Behind the scenes, we’re collaborating and constantly refining our process as a collective to achieve big results for our clients. 

We’d love to share a bit about the brilliant faces that make up Always Fresh’s leadership team. So next time you get a little love letter in your email inbox, see our latest social media post pop up in your feed, or get an organic lead to your website, you’ll know who’s been tapping away on their computer!

SEO + SEM Guru

First up, Jaymi Tripp is our resident search specialist here at AF. With her Bachelor's in Marketing, she’s an expert at all things SEO and SEM. Jaymi is a farm girl from North Dakota and is as passionate about animal rights as she is about digital strategy. The next call you're on with her, ask to see her two pups. They're the best office mates around! 

Branding + Content Guru

Emily Kidd is always keeping us (and our clients) fresh with content creation, branding, and SEO copy! She is our resident roamer, having traveled to over 45 countries. When she isn't exploring the actual globe, she's discovering the best coffee spots and practicing yoga. Even after a night sleeping in an airport, our girl can curate blogs and social posts like no one's business. 

Marketing Strategy + Webflow Design Guru

Rich Oborne, the poor guy, is the only boy on our team. When he is not trying to keep our meetings on track he is doing all things Webflow, design, and marketing strategy. One time he accidentally founded a luxury train travel company...Yep, he's a genius! When he isn't working he loves car meets and drumming along to Red Hot Chili Peppers. He is the best Brit we know, and we sure do love having him on our team. 

Social Media + Client Marketing Guru

Victoria Stephens is all things client marketing and social media. With over ten years of experience in the social atmosphere, she can help you navigate the ever-changing landscape with confidence and ease. When she isn't cheering for the Tide, she and her six kids are hitting the ski slopes near their Utah Mountain home. 

Always Fresh Mantra

Together we make up the leadership here at Always Fresh. Our mantra is 'Always', always innovating, always growing, Always Fresh! 

Come say hi on Instagram or LinkedIn. We Always love to hear from you- See what we did there?

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