Brand and Website Strategy to Ugrade Geotrek

Bigger, better web design and branding! See what we can do with a healthy dose of brand and website strategy.

Brand and Website Strategy to Ugrade Geotrek

Brand and Website Strategy Example

Bigger, Better Web Design & Branding 

What do you get when you combine #vanlife with optimal performance? Geotrek.

Geotrek is a leader in the van conversion industry. The company is based in Fort Lupton, Colorado, where they are surrounded by adventure-seekers just waiting to hit the road and discover life off-grid. 

Co-founders, ​​Mark Woodard and Grant McCrabb, are passionate about making adventure more accessible without compromising quality. With a streamlined process, Geotrek has achieved optimal performance at an affordable price point. With vans practically flying off the shelf, they need a website that matches the quality of their offering.

What wasn’t working

Geotrek’s website missed an opportunity to show off the amazing value their vans offer. If you got it, flaunt it, right? The website would really benefit from a streamlined UI/UX, which is just a fancy way of saying it’s not super user-friendly. There isn’t a clear path for a customer online, and they could easily get lost or feel underwhelmed and bounce. Which would be a shame, because they’d really be missing out!

What we recommended

A totally unique website that gets the job done while looking pretty. From discovering the brand to closing the deal, the customer journey should be clear and simple. We also recommended that they level up their branding through new brand visuals and messaging. Since they’ve already got demand, they’re primed for a website and brand upgrade. The recommendations are shown in this example and use brand and website strategy.

A high-performing website will lead to more sales, and who doesn’t want that? Meanwhile, strong brand positioning addresses their customers’ pain points, basically solving all their problems before they even have to think about it! 

The moral of the story, if you want more customer loyalty and conversion rates, don’t sleep on good web design and branding! Otherwise, you’re just leaving money on the table. If you can't get enough of this design study concept, pop over to the Geotrek Webflow design study and discover more!

If you could benefit from a custom website or brand strategy, we’d love to hook you up! Don’t be shy, send us a little message and tell us about your big dreams, aka your next project!

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