Behind the Scenes: A Day in the Life of a Web Design Agency

You’ve probably wondered (because we know we’ve been asked)…what exactly do we do on a daily basis working at a digital Webflow agency?

Behind the Scenes: A Day in the Life of a Web Design Agency

Today is your lucky day because we’re unraveling the secrets of a web design agency's daily operations, giving you an exclusive backstage pass into the fascinating world where the marketing magic happens.

Top secrets of a Webflow Agency we’re sharing:

  • Team meetings (it’s wayyy more interesting than it sounds. We may or may not have a bunny, a pirate, and a baby on our calls regularly.)
  • Client leads and communication
  • Webflow designers workflow
  • Best web design tools
  • Why we love Webflow as a web design platform
  • Planning and producing digital content
  • Launching a new brand and website

Morning Brew and Webflow Agency Brainstorming: A Digital Kickstart

Depending on where our team member is based, it may be the start of a fresh day or the end of a productive one. Always Fresh is a U.S. founded Webflow agency serving worldwide, so we tend to plan team meetings around U.S. time zones. Meetings range from 1:1 to all-hands-on-deck.

As the aroma of morning coffee (or dinner for some) fills our home offices, we dive into brainstorming sessions shaping ideas that will set the tone for innovative web designs. We also create a plan of action that smoothly guides the project from initial client contact to final project hand-off.

This process includes defining a timeline, budget, hours to spend on the web design project, who’s involved at which stage, etc. Our team is great about pitching in as needed with the client’s best interest in mind. So no ball dropping here.

Speaking of awesome team members, here’s where things get interesting. We frequently use Google Meet characters to spice up a meeting, and one of our favorites is the bunny character with a British accent - that’s our marketing guru, Rich, who’s based in the UK.

Meanwhile one of our leading ladies, Victoria, is the mother of 6, and we’re sometimes lucky enough to have a guest appearance of one of her sweet little babes.

Working from home creates a personal dynamic, and our team genuinely loves connecting with each other and clients on a human level. Rest assured, we may have fun, but we’re a powerhouse team that gets results.

The Creative Hub: Sketches, Colors, and Virtual Canvases

Step into our virtual creative hub, where designers, developers, and content creators collaborate seamlessly. Digital tools, scribbled notes, and design previews come to life as we balance aesthetics with user experience considerations, ensuring every design element tells a compelling story.

We’ll dive into what tools we use in just a bit. So keep on reading, friend.

Webflow Designers Turn Vision into Functionality

The magic continues in the website-building realm, where Webflow designers can be developers. Webflow requires little to no coding to design and build a gorgeous website. Our Webflow experts embark on turning design visions into functional websites. With Webflow design elements and features, ideas transform into interactive user interfaces, bringing designs to life on the digital canvas.

Project Management: How This Web Design Agency Navigates Webflow Projects

As the day progresses, virtual client meetings become a focal point. As a Web Design Agency, we meet with our clients to discuss their vision and touch base on their project’s status. We make sure their desires are both heard and implemented. We like to get to the heart of what our clients want and need so we can deliver the best possible outcome.

Our web design approach is to create multiple versions of the same draft so they can give feedback. We continue to build from there. Our project management methods keep us on track. Additionally, collaborative tools enhance our efficiency, even from different corners of the world.

Best Webflow Designer Tools: The Ultimate Toolbox

Here’s a list of tools our agency uses on a daily basis:


Every web design agency needs a place to communicate, and Slack is the perfect way to for our team to collaborate, ask questions, share details, and more. Our Webflow designers and supporting teammates love the Slack channels to keep conversations organized. We direct message individual team members as well as send group messages. We occasionally hop on an impromptu huddle to go over a project.


We love Webflow so much, that we decided to niche and be solely a Webflow agency. It’s arguably the best website design platform for clients who want stunning, easy-to-use websites.


This app helps us track our time so we can accurately bill clients and stay accountable as a fully remote website design agency. We believe in transparency.


A project management tool that keeps tasks clear and organized. We’re able to efficiently flow through projects, communicate, and delegate so nothing gets lost.


Adobe has a full suite of products to choose from. Our team primarily uses Adobe XD for design previews, Illustrator for vector graphics, Photoshop for editing and resizing images. We also utilize Adobe stock images when needed.


Our team uses this tool to design web pages and present to clients as well. Clients can leave comments, and our team can respond and make design revisions on the same file. Clients can quickly make a free account to review and comment on the design.


All things SEO related. Our SEO experts at Always Fresh heavily utilize several SEO tools, with SemRush being one of the starting points for keyword research, competitor analysis, content ideas, and more.

Screaming Frog

The ultimate tool for SEO audits. A must have tool for any SEO project.

Search Console

A Google tool where you are allowed to see exactly what Google thinks of your website and why it is or is not showing up in search results, plus what search terms it is showing up for.

Google Analytics

GA4 is a great tool for tracking and analyzing results so we can increase website traffic as well as catch any website issues that are flagged by Google.

Pre-Launch Testing and Quality Assurance: Meticulous Precision

Before a website sees the light of the internet, we run a quality assurance test. Meticulous testing ensures a flawless user experience. We go through every single page on multiple browsers, desktops, and mobile to catch any flaws. From troubleshooting to refinement, we leave no pixel unturned.

Lunchtime Fuel: Lots of Pasta

Lunch is either brought to our desk or gives an excuse for a screen break to refuel. One of our team members is pretty much always leaving our afternoon meeting to go eat pasta (pronounced pahhh-stuh according to them). Our natural camaraderie fosters a positive workplace culture that transcends the distance.

Post-Lunch Productivity: Refinement and Adaptation

The afternoon brings project reviews and adjustments. We adapt to unexpected challenges, showcasing the flexibility and autonomy that remote work offers. It's a continuous cycle of refinement and improvement, ensuring our designs are always at the forefront of innovation.

Final Countdown to Launch: From Virtual Spaces to Global Screens

As the day winds down, we prepare for website deployment. The final countdown involves last-minute checks, optimizations, and celebratory moments, not just within our team but across the globe. Our creations are set to launch, reaching audiences far and wide.

Closing Down for the Day: Intersection of Creativity and Technology

In this day-in-the-life journey of a web design agency, you've witnessed the exciting intersection of creativity and technology. From virtual brainstorming to global launches, our remote team weaves together digital experiences, pushing the boundaries of what's possible and making award-winning websites.

We hope you enjoyed the behind-the-scenes magic, where pixels tell stories and websites become works of art. As we sign off to get some rest for the evening, we’re excited to jump back online tomorrow and dive into the next day’s adventures.

Webflow Careers: Joining the Best Webflow Agency

If you’re reading this and wondering how you can join our fantastic Webflow agency with your black belt level skills, we always like to hear from new talent. Check out our Careers Page to see if you’d be a good fit.

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