Baddies in Business: Women to Watch

Let's talk about these absolute rockstars in the world of business! These women are making waves in their industries. Read more to find why we're fans!

Baddies in Business: Women to Watch

Baddies in Business: Women to Watch

Let's talk about these absolute rockstars in the world of business! They're not just entrepreneurs; they're straight-up baddies making waves in their industries. Here's why we're crushing hard:

Brittany at Olli Adventure Clothing:

Alright, hold up – a stylish mama living in Utah's mountains, who also happens to be a fashion-forward force of nature? Brittany is all about breaking stereotypes and making gear that's as tough as it is stylish. With Olli, she's giving us outdoor lovers the best of both worlds: gear that can handle the trails and the runway. Who says you can't be a baddie and look cute doing it? Find your next adventure fit over at Olli and see for yourself!

The Pony Pick:

Our gal pal over at the Pony Pick by Lolly is making a brilliant hair accessory. As a mother of five girls, her product was a solution to a dreaded problem affecting her and her daughters. Ladies, it’s about time- No more painful hair-pulling moments when you're trying to rock a sleek ponytail! The Pony Pick saves the day, making elastic removal a breeze. We love that it's woman-owned and patented – talk about innovation! Say goodbye to hair tie struggles and hello to painless ponytails, courtesy of these genius gals. 


Who knew painting could be so much fun? Bree is making watercolor dreams come true with her easy-to-follow tutorials. From teaching folks to paint like pros to whipping up family illustrations that'll melt your heart, she's basically the Picasso of the digital age. You should check out her awesome commissions and work on Instagram!

These businesses aren't just about making a buck- They make life better, one watercolor stroke, outdoor adventure, and pain-free ponytail at a time. 

How to Support Women in Business

Let's keep the girl power vibes going! Supporting women in business isn't some trend. Supporting women is a movement, and it's oh-so-important. Here's why:

Shop 'Til You Drop (From Woman-Owned Businesses, That Is!) 

One of the easiest ways to show your support is by putting your money where your mouth is – literally. Seek out woman-owned businesses like Watercolorsbybree, Olli Adventure Clothing, and The Pony Pick for your shopping needs. Whether it's art supplies, outdoor gear, or hair accessories, every purchase you make helps these boss babes thrive.

Spread the Word Like Confetti! 

Let's be real – word of mouth is a powerful thing. So, shout it from the rooftops, share those Insta posts, and tell your friends about the amazing women-owned businesses you adore. The more we hype each other up, the stronger our community becomes. Who run the world? Girls – and we're not afraid to say it loud and proud! 

Collaborate and Celebrate:

Collaboration is key, baby! Whether it's teaming up for a killer giveaway or hosting a joint event, there's strength in numbers. Let's lift each other up, celebrate our wins (big or small), and show the world what happens when women support women. Spoiler alert: It's freaking magical! 

At the end of the day, supporting women in business isn't just about boosting sales – it's about lifting spirits, breaking barriers, and building a sisterhood that's unbreakable. So, let's keep cheering each other on, raising our glasses (or coffee mugs – no judgment here!), and showing the world what we're made of. Together, we're unstoppable!

Cheers to these fierce females who are changing the game – we're rooting for you! If you’d like to join the Always Fresh online community, come say hi on Instagram and LinkedIn! #GirlBosses #BaddiesInBusiness

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