Always Fresh vs. Traditional Model

The Problem We Solve

Websites have been sold as an asset to drive business. The problem is that, much like a car, a website depreciates and requires a big front-end investment. You typically spend $5K-$8K and end up with a site that is dated, doesn't meet the needs you thought it would, and either requires the next big investment OR living with a site that hinders your brand instead of supporting it due to dated design and functionality.

Always Fresh has reinvented the process to provide a well designed and thought out web experience. We create a partnership where we build you a brand new site, host it, support it monthly, and refresh it every two years to ensure that it stay relevant and supports your business. So your site grows and changes with your business. We do all of that for $300 a month, so you can spread out the cost and stay on trend with current design and function without that impending $5K+ bill that is required to have a site that isn't stale.
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Always Fresh vs Traditional Website Model

Always Fresh is a way to get the best of both worlds. Instead of having to fork out $5-8K to build a website that will only go stale and dated a few years later simply pay $298 a month and we’ll build you a custom designed site that has you separated from the crowd.
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The Problem

  • Websites are viewed as assets because of the investment made in them so you pay a significant amount of capital upfront.
  • With the pace of technology, a website starts to become stale the day after it initially launches.
  • Within 2-3 years you will need a website redesign or a new-build to stay competitive, which means another substantial investment.
  • It’s not your day to day job to think about your website but consistent attention is needed and beneficial to keep things fresh/relevant.
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Our Solution

  • Always Fresh sites are new every two years, has a modern digital agency behind them, and requires no large investment upfront.
  • With a full refresh every two years you can be sure that customers will notice and convert because of it.
  • With the low monthly fee you won’t need to worry about large bulk funds needed. Your monthly cost is the same every month.
  • We offer quarterly recommendations and guidance as a part of your included 6 hours of quarterly support and design work.
Never Stale, Always Fresh!

Get a custom designed website, built specifically for your business to help you tell a bigger story!

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