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With no hidden fees, hourly rates, or upfront deposits, our simple priced monthly plans work for all types of businesses.
  • A beautiful custom site built for your business
  • 2 hours of support each month at no extra charge
  • Up to 20 custom pages
  • Blog, Forms, Calendars and more at no extra charge
per site. per month.
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No Upfront Costs •  No Hidden Fees
per site. per month
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Services And Pricing

a 20 page website
Up to 20 Pages Designed
Up to 20 pages + unlimited blog posts, forms, and more
hosting and ssl included
Hosting + SSL
All of your hosting costs as well as an SSL Certificate is provided.
unlimited website visits
Unlimited Visitors
Go ahead... go viral. Your Always Fresh site can handle it!
Optimised for speed
Perfect for building websites for small, medium and large businesses that require fast load times
Web Metrics + Reporting
Know exactly how your website is performing with web metrics reports.
Built with SEO Standards
Your site is built with first-in-class SEO Standards in mind.
Event Calendars
We make it easy to add a calendar for important events.
Import Blogs from Previous Site
As long as your previous website allows it, we will import your old blog posts at no extra charge.
Site Refresh Every Two Years
A free site refresh every two years, ensuring that your site is always fresh!